I’ve been building websites on and off for the past 10 plus years. Below are some public websites I created using WordPress that you can check out, including some front-end designs and other sites I did back-end development work on. The only recent public website I have to show is The Retired Alchemist blog, which I built with the latest version of WordPress in mind, including the block editor. Some other website I built in the past that I still maintain are also listed below. Otherwise, I still keep up to date by working on my own projects, but I haven’t built as many public websites recently.

The Retired Alchemist


A retirement blog designed around the colors and style of the header image I was given. This website was custom designed by me using my own parent and child theme based on _s. This is a more fun, casual blog with all the basics including a new responsive design, basic SEO, and a couple of custom quote blocks.

Wardrobe & Wine

A wine blog designed using almost exclusively black, white, and gray colors. This website was also custom designed by me using my own parent and child theme based on _s. This blog pulls recent Instagram photos into the sidebar and is made to handle large images in posts to add some color and keep the post content front and center.

Footbag United


A large website with a lot of well organized information, but unlike most of the websites I’ve built, I didn’t do much in the way of design on this one. Most of the work was done on the back-end to organize 280 posts to make them easy to find and edit using custom post types. This is one of my larger projects with a lot of posts, custom comment fields, user profiles, and activity feeds.

Melissa Persling

This is a minimal portfolio website made to show off a collection of articles and photos. It is a simple website that uses very few colors to keep attention on the work being displayed. This was a free WordPress theme that I customized the design of, but I usually prefer to build the entire theme myself.