Choosing A Domain Name

Choosing a good domain name or website address is important for any website or business.

  1. First off you’ll want to choose something fitting for the website you’re creating. I would be as specific as possible so people will know exactly what they are getting when they visit your website. It’s also good to choose something that will be memorable.
  2. Next you’ll need to be pretty creative these days to get an address that isn’t taken or doesn’t cost a fortune. Using three words and or numbers is one good place to start. The other is to use an original spelling or lesser used words, like industry specific slang. Although I would be careful choosing any words that are hard to spell or might be hard for someone to remember.
    Example: (Hard to misspell any of those words.)
  3. Then the .com extension is almost always the preferred extension for a website, except for community or nonprofit websites where .org might actually be better. If you’re planning to make money with the website I would stick to a .com, but otherwise you might consider something fun if you can’t find a good .com domain name.
  4. Then if you want to go the extra mile you can purchase a second domain that might prevent people from going to the wrong website. Often I’ll purchase an address that includes the plural of a word I used in the address or a common misspelling and forward that address to the real website.
    Example: (Same address as above, but singular vs plural.)

There can definitely be more to consider if you’re really serious, but I think those are the important basics everyone should consider.

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